Arretine pottery, Altes Museum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

The Sublimation of Desire

How to alchemize the energy of desire into bliss and creativity

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation of dry ice
Freud and Jung

Actively Working with Sexual Desire

Conceptio by Johann Daniel Mylius’s Anatomi Auri, 1628

Working with the energy of desire

  • repress the desire (it doesn’t actually disappear, but goes underground)
  • compartmentalize and ignore the feelings
  • masturbate to reach a climax and release
Those Karmamudra yogis of the past: Ghantapa with his consort as portrayed by Robert Beer.

Correcting Some Beliefs

Image of the Tummo heat being generated and sublimated by a yogi, Dalai Lama’s Secret Temple

How we do it. Practices.

  1. Diffuse the energy
Central and side channels with the white thiglé. Red thiglé is not pictured but is located at the base of the central channel.
Yuthok Yontan Gonpo the Younger
Prince — Rock-n-roll tantrika
Orpheus tries to hold on to Eurydice, ca. 1791, Francois Gérard

Wrapping Up



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Schuyler Brown, futurist, facilitator, intuitive strategist, teacher of feminine wisdom principles.