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It’s the time of hawks and foxes again.

This one sweeping over the green meadow,

That one skirting the edge of the forest.

It’s an epic adventure we’re on.

Biblical times, prophets and all.

Only this time spared the tyranny of the Church.

Thank Goddess.

Thank water.

Thank rock, stone, moss and mineral.

Thank salamander and snake skin.

Thank beauty and breath.

It’s the time of witches again.

Coming in threes to cast their spells

and to whisper in the breeze,

“Tis time, ’tis time…”

They’re not afraid … maybe the only ones.

They’ve seen this and worse. Oh yes…

Making nature mandalas on the farm, photo by Ashley Hallmark

What we can learn by coming into into deeper relationship with the sacred in our bodies and in this world.

“Be still and realize the truth of who you are within this body.” — The Dākinis

Embodied Understanding

There are some ideas you just can’t get conceptually. Embodiment is one of them. By definition, it cannot be accessed through the head. It is necessary to approach the subject with a great deal of humility because it comes to us straight from The Mystery. Embodiment can only be experienced in the body and through the wisdom of the body. It requires a kind of perception that has been ignored and disparaged in our culture for a long time. …

These practices are connected to this essay I offer on Responsibility.

Journaling Prompts:

What is your relationship to responsibility?

When you have an argument or disagreement, is it clear to you who is responsible for what?

Do you find yourself apologizing for things that aren’t your responsibility?

When you’re having a hard time, do you seek a savior? Do you look for a parental figure, knight in shining armor, or guardian angel to make it all better?

What are some family patterns related to responsibility? How did your mother or father relate to their own sense of responsibility? …

My daughter at age 3, the nurturing instinct is innate.

Cultivating responsibility without resentment is key to navigating this moment of extreme change.

I’m coming to learn relatively late in life that I was never taught how to take responsibility. What I understood about it was gleaned from my environment — primarily the expectations of parents, teachers, bosses, and a system that wanted me to conform in convenient ways then, and still does.

There is an urge towards mutual care and responsibility that is inborn in us, but in the process of growing up and acculturating, it gets layered with the grime and residue of trauma, power dynamics, fear, family patterns, dysfunctional psychodynamics, and resentment. …

B.G. Sharma’s depictions of the archetypal lovers, Krishna and Radha, show us the possibilities that exist in the polarities meeting and finding sacred union.

The patriarchy is built on a distorted vision of masculinity that serves no one, including men. Liberating ourselves from it requires healing the wounds of The Masculine and dismantling the patriarchy within ourselves.

Divine Equilibrium

While I frequently teach feminine wisdom principles and write about The Feminine at work and in the culture, recently it struck me that I don’t talk about The Masculine enough and maybe it’s time.

When I look at why this is, I find shadow: a feeling like being lost in a fog…or wandering a new territory without a map. I realize most of what I think I know about The Masculine is untrue; picked up from my conditioning in a toxic culture. It’s as bad as the distortions around The Feminine, maybe worse because Western civilization was built on these…

Nature is wholesome.

Yes, I know “wholing” is not a word. But, it should be. Here’s my definition —

To whole (verb)//hōl//: the process of making or coming into wholeness again; to put the pieces back together. e.g. Unlike Humpty Dumpty, it is possible as human beings to whole.

I use the term to refer to practices that bring the fragments of our self, and our fragmented perspectives, into coherence and connection again…practices that move us from partial vision, partial truths, and partial realities to wholeness. In shamanic traditions the practice is called “soul retrieval.” Something happens that is too much for a…

“Work stops at sunset. Darkness falls over the building site. The sky is filled with stars. “There is the blueprint,” they say.” –Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

As our culture disintegrates and evolves, turbulence is inevitable. There is a blueprint in our bones that can help ease the transition and unify us in the process, we just need to find it again.

Change is a fact of life. Humankind has known this forever and probably resisted it as long. Phenomena are transitory. Our bodies are our primary teacher in this regard. For all of us there is the unstoppable process of growing up, growing old, and the inevitability of death. For women there is the additional teacher of the monthly blood rites.

We suffer when we are…

The Bhavachakra is a visual representation of the wheel of Samsāra including the six realms

Humanity has fetishized and mistaken the “god realm” of luxury and comfort for the goal of this life. We’re seeing how far that got us. It’s time to try something new…and ancient.

When I began to study the Eastern philosophies (Buddhism, Sanatana Dharma), it was no surprise to me to learn that a human birth is considered the most auspicious birth. What I didn’t know and was surprised to learn is that we can also be born into the God Realm. Due to especially good karma, it is possible to take a turn as an actual god — yes the…

Nature’s beauty arranged and celebrated by the author.

There’s a process of Feminine Rising underway in the culture and in the workplace that goes beyond quotas and #metoo. We can facilitate its progress by trusting what feels foreign but also deeply familiar. In this 3-part series, we look at how.

It’s a wild paradigm shift that happens over the span of a few weeks. This is the third essay in a series I’ve written about the rise of the Feminine in the workplace (not just women, the Feminine in all things). The first two installments were written before the Pandemic swept across the globe and changed everyone and…

Working with International Women Leaders in Italy

There’s a process of Feminine re-integration underway in the culture and in the workplace that goes beyond quotas and #metoo. We can facilitate its progress by trusting what feels foreign but also deeply familiar. In this 3-part series, we look at how.

My on-the-ground experience trying to seed Feminine integration into a corporate world that has actively suppressed it has been harder than I ever imagined. Even when individuals understand the importance of integrating The Feminine, even when they want it, the system rejects it. How do you create space for receptivity in an environment that rewards pushing to unforgiving…

Schuyler Brown, futurist, facilitator, intuitive strategist, teacher of feminine wisdom principles.

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